The Loft @ Third Coast Comedy Club
DATE: October 21, 2018
TIME: 5:30 pm
LOCATION: Nashville, TN
The Loft @ Third Coast Comedy Club October 21, 2018

During each performance, we welcome someone from the Nashville community to regale us with true tales of their most memorable Nashvillian experiences. Our group of comedic improvisers then use that as inspiration to explore the ideas, themes, and notable characters from the stories, perhaps even showing an alternate take of what may have happened, had things played out a little differently.

Then, the performers take an audience suggestion of a beloved Nashville icon or destination and show a slice of life of a handful of people affected by it.

This truly is a show about Nashville, for Nashville. Reserve your free tickets here!

(Stick around after our show for a 10 minute improv jam, where we welcome anyone from the audience to get on stage and play with us! Even if you don’t wish to participate, it’s great fun to watch!)

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